There are more bacteria on the water bottle than on the toilet seat.. Do you know what kind of diseases this can cause?


First Published Mar 17, 2023, 1:43 PM IST

Due to the corona epidemic, people have come to know the importance of cleanliness. Tips like sanitizing hands, keeping house clean, eating clean and healthy foods are followed. These habits can protect us from harmful bacteria and viruses. Experts say that no matter how clean it is, there is a possibility of getting infected with dangerous diseases. How..

According to the latest research, there are 40 thousand times more bacteria on the bottle than on the toilet seat. It can make us susceptible to many diseases. Filter Guru, an American water purifier and treatment company, recently conducted research on several household appliances. This research proved that there are 40 thousand times more bacteria on the water bottle than on the toilet seat.

All parts of the reusable bottle were tested in triplicate in this research. According to this, more bacteria were found on the bottle lid and the mouth of the bottle. Other household items were also examined in the research. It found twice as much bacteria on the bottle as on the kitchen sink.

Why is this bacteria dangerous?

In this research, the researchers found two types of bacteria. He said there are two types of bacteria on the water bottle. The first is gram-negative bacteria, the second is bacillus bacteria.

Are these bacteria really dangerous?

Gram-negative bacteria

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Gram-negative bacteria are the leading cause of pneumonia, bloodstream infections, wounds, and surgical site infections. It causes many types of infections. It also removes the effect of antibiotics.

Bacillus bacteria

Bacillus bacteria are said to cause stomach problems ie gastrointestinal problems. Due to this, problems like infection in the stomach and weakness of the body arise. It causes stomach ache and food poisoning.

Along with water bottles, other household items like kitchen sinks, TVs, laptops, mobiles, used mouse are also considered as bacteria habitats. That is why they should be cleaned from time to time. Glass bottles are considered safe for storing water. But even this is not safe. That is why the researchers suggested to wash the bottle with soap once a day. Wash hands with soap after touching mobile, laptop, keyboard, mouse, working desk etc.

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