There is some dirt in should be removed- Bihar Education Minister Chandrasekhar’s controversial comments


First Published Mar 1, 2023, 9:51 AM IST

RJD leader and Bihar Education Minister Chandrasekhar once again stirred controversy by saying that there is some dirt in the epic poem Ramacharitmanas and it should be removed. He reiterated that Ramacharitamanas by Indian devotional poet Goswami Tulsidas had created rifts in society. He said that he will keep talking about Ramacharitamanas and cannot remain silent.

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Last month, several dohas (couples) in Ramacharitmanas courted controversy, saying they were spreading hatred and creating discord in society. Addressing the students at the 15th convocation of Nalanda Open University in Patna, Education Minister Chandrasekhar said that Ramacharitmanas is a curse to the society, instead of uniting it, it is dividing the society. Ramacharitamanas is described as a book that spreads hatred and divides the society.

He said that Ramacharitamanas not only deprived Dalits, backward and women of education but also tried to deprive them of their rights. The minister said that Manusmriti has planted seeds of hatred in the society and former RSS chief MS Golwarkar’s ideas are spreading hatred in the society. Dr. BR Ambedkar’s memorial was burnt for upholding the rights of Dalits and downtrodden communities. Chandrasekhar believes that India will become strong and prosperous by fostering love between different sections of the society. This statement made by the Minister of Education caused a great uproar. BJP surrounded the Nitish government on this issue.

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Last month, Samajwadi Party leader Swami Prasad Maurya Ramacharitmanas made comments and started a controversy. Referring to the words “dhol, ganwar, sudra, pashu, nari, sakal tadan ke adhikari”, he alleged that some verses in Ramacharitamanas insulted a large section of the society. They demanded to ban them. It has become a topic of discussion across the country. Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav also responded to this later. He made it clear that he was not against Ramacharita Manas and that the controversy over a verse in the Hindu epic dates back 5,000 years. During the budget debate in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, he said, “We are not against Ramacharitamanas. He said that God is not for anyone, but for everyone.

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But Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath last Saturday accused the Samajwadi Party of insulting 100 crore Hindus by burning a copy of Ramacharitmanas. CM Adityanath gave an explanation on this poem which SP leader Maurya described as objectionable and said that ‘tadan’ means ‘dekhbhal’ (caution).

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