These are the reasons for always being hungry and overeating..!

Some people still eat when they are full. The reason is still hunger. But do you know that there are many reasons for not being hungry and wanting to eat more?

Causes of overeating rsl

First Published Mar 19, 2023, 3:19 PM IST

Eating is the first thing that some people do when they feel sad, happy or sad. Some people still eat when they are full. Because they are always hungry. Experts say overeating is also a problem. Overeating causes diseases that are not there. Especially prone to obesity. Cholesterol levels in the body increase. Due to this, many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, heart attack and some types of cancer will come. According to health experts.. now let’s know why you always feel hungry..

Nutritional deficiencies

There are many reasons for occasional overeating. However, nutritional deficiency is one of the main causes. Moreover, some micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are lacking in your body and you tend to overeat. Especially since it makes you want to eat everything from cheese to chocolate to fries. Make sure the food you eat contains all the nutrients you need to avoid overeating.

Drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol has also been shown to increase appetite. Drinking one or two glasses of the drug is not a problem. But drinking more than this, drinking every day will increase your appetite. Heavy drinkers are more likely to eat salty or fatty snacks. The drug may cause you to overeat. Reducing the number of glasses you drink, or stopping altogether, can make you less likely to overeat.


Our hormones are related to hunger. When we are stressed, the level of the hormone cortisol increases. Also our appetite increases. This makes me want to eat food that is high in fat and calories. Stress eating is common. But this causes many problems. So instead of eating food to reduce stress, take the advice of family members and friends. Yoga and meditation can reduce stress.

Hormonal imbalance

A balanced diet helps our body to function well. But if our body does not get enough nutrition.. the body produces the hunger hormone ghrelin. This indicates that your body needs nutrition. You will feel hungry when it is produced. This leads to overeating.

Last Updated Mar 19, 2023, 3:19 PM IST

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