These are the reasons why men lose interest in sex..!

Nowadays many men are facing this problem. Actually small habits are the main factors for this. Experts say that if you change these habits, you can get rid of this problem.

One in every 5 men faces the problem of low libido due to various reasons like stress or hormonal imbalance. Such people want to stay away from sex. However, sometimes loss of sexual desire is a serious symptom of this problem. Depression, alcohol, fatigue and drug use can be the reason for decreased sexual desire in men. Now let’s know the reasons for decreased sex desire in men..


Stress can lead to mental and physical problems. But if these stress levels are high, the testosterone levels in men will decrease. This reduces the sex drive. People who are under severe stress may want to avoid sex. You will lose interest in this.

Hormonal imbalance

According to experts, problems like low testosterone levels can lead to decreased sex drive. Men with hypogonadism have testosterone levels below 300 ng/dL. Such men have no desire to engage in any sexual activity.

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Certain types of medications such as anti-depressants and blood pressure medications can reduce sex drive. Also men who take radiation treatments or chemotherapy for cancer may have low sex drive, such as sportsmen who take anabolic steroids.

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Poor lifestyle habits

Poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and drug use can all contribute to low sex drive. Experts say that even if you don’t get enough sleep and rest, your sexual desire will decrease.

Relationship problems

Even if the communication with the partner is not good, quarrels and fights also reduce the sexual desire. A good sex life requires good communication with the partner.

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Remedies for low sex drive in men

Reducing stress: Stress can be reduced in many ways. Stress can be reduced with exercise, meditation or therapy. Reducing stress improves sex drive.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle: Quitting smoking, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, reducing alcohol and drug use can all help improve your sex drive.

Treatment for hormonal imbalance: According to experts, low testosterone levels may require hormone replacement therapy.

Solving relationship problems: Working with a partner to solve communication problems, resolve conflicts, and talking to them can help improve sexual desire.

Changing the medication: If the medication is causing the decrease in sex drive, it is better to use a different medication.


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