These are the things women should know about masturbation..!


First Published Mar 17, 2023, 12:43 PM IST

Self happiness is a feeling that everyone can experience. It’s not just about men. Women can also enjoy masturbation. Many consider handcuffing to be a major crime. But… women can also participate in masturbation without hesitation. It plays a vital role in reducing stress. Also….there are some things women should know about masturbation. Let’s see that…

This is completely normal!

Masturbation is a natural, healthy way for women to explore their own bodies and experience sexual pleasure. It should be known that being in a relationship with masturbation is not a shame, it is not a crime. This is completely normal in sexual life. It is important for women to know that the healthy part.

It improves sexual performance

Regular masturbation helps women feel comfortable with their own bodies. As women are better at communicating their needs and desires, it helps women to experience satisfying sex with their partner.

It’s not just about diffusion

While many women focus on clitoral stimulation during masturbation, many other erogenous zones on the body can be explored. They should feel free to experiment with different techniques and areas of their body to find what feels good to them.

It reduces stress

Masturbation is a great way to relieve stress and tension because it releases endorphins, which promote feelings of happiness and relaxation. Women shouldn’t feel guilty about taking the time to engage in self-care and explore their own bodies.

It is important to prioritize safety

Although masturbation is generally a safe, healthy activity, it is important for women to take precautions to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections (STDs) and other potential risks. Using condoms or dental dams can prevent the spread of STIs. Additionally, women should use clean hands and toys before masturbation. , make sure to clean their private areas afterwards.

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