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First Published Feb 16, 2023, 2:47 PM IST

Excitement is high in newlyweds. They want to be with their partner all the time and want to spend time with them. But….after some time of marriage…that interest fades away. Sex is boring. There is a feeling of missing spice in life. The intimacy between the couple, the desire to participate in the union. However, if the couple makes some changes in their married life, especially in the matter of sex, the sex life will definitely become happy again. Let’s see that…

Set a time for sex

If you and your partner feel like you don’t have time for sex, you need to schedule time for sex! It may sound very unromantic, but it can get you and your partner’s sex life back on track. When you schedule time for sex, your mind is focused on it so other things don’t disturb you.

Don’t chase for sex…

It is also not good to chase a partner for sex. If your partner is not interested in sex, you should avoid pursuing your partner for sex. Instead of repeatedly asking for sex, make them want sex on their own. As you often bother for sex, your partner may feel depressed at times. So… make them want you more.

Stop focusing on sexual penetration

Sexual penetration between you and your partner should not be the end goal. Focus on foreplay, oral sex, casual kissing, touching. Incorporating foreplay into your sex routine is a great way to make intercourse much easier. If you focus on these… interest in sex will increase more.

Go for a date

Couples should do things like going on dates to keep the spark alive in their marriage. It keeps the romance alive between the two. It also helps to increase the passion between the couple. It feels like starting a new life again.

Love should grow more…

To bring back the lost intimacy in marriage, the couple should first try to develop love for each other. Not only during sex….touching, kissing and hugging each other should also be done at normal times. These help to increase the bond between the two.

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