These plants will not let even a single mosquito enter your house..


First Published Mar 5, 2023, 4:02 PM IST

Ever wondered why mosquitoes come to us? Are we attracting them to us? That means yes. Actually mosquitoes come to us because of gases like carbon dioxide, body sweat, dirt or smelly feet. Research shows that they can easily approach us by smell sitting 100 feet away. Many deadly diseases can be caused by mosquitoes. That is why there are many products in the market to kill and repel mosquitoes. But you can’t sit around using them all the time.. Experts say that if you grow some plants at home, mosquitoes will not come to the house. That is..

Marigold plant

The marigold plant blooms throughout the year. The flowers of this plant repel mosquitoes. You can grow this plant outdoors or on the balcony to avoid mosquitoes that come with climate change. This plant grows easily anywhere. This plant not only repels mosquitoes but also its flowers can be used for puja. The odor from this plant contains pyrethrum, saponin, scopoletin, cardinalol and other elements. These keep mosquitoes away from your home.

Basil plant

Tulsi plant is known for its many health benefits and repels mosquitoes. Due to its smell, not a single mosquito can be found around. But boil two glasses of water with few basil leaves. After it cools down, pour it in a spray bottle. Spray arms, neck and legs whenever going out in the evening. This will prevent mosquitoes from getting around you.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm looks like a mint plant. The plant bears white flowers with a lemon scent. This plant grows very quickly. That is why it should be cut often. It can also be grown in a small pot or bottle if you have limited space. As it grows the mosquitoes will go away. This automatically reduces the number of mosquitoes around you.


Lavender has a nice smell. This plant also looks very beautiful. This plant is also used for aromatherapy and herbal remedies. This plant works to keep away flies, mosquitoes, spiders and ants. It also acts as a herbal medicine to relieve itching and pain caused by mosquito bites. If desired, the leaves of the plant can be taken and rubbed directly on the skin. The oil released from the leaves provides protection against insects.


It is an aromatic plant. Its needle-like thin, sharp leaves look very beautiful. The smell of the stem of this plant that blooms in summer keeps mosquitoes away. White and blue flowers bloom on this plant.

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