Things like this in front of Hanuman .. Female body builders in bikinis, shame

In Madhya Pradesh, women doing body building in front of the Anjaneya Swamy statue has caused a stir. Recently the Junior Mr. India 2023 competition was held in Ratlam. For this event, the country’s female builders were half-naked, wearing sandals and flaunting their toned bodies. But there is also a statue of Hanuman on the stage where the competitions are held. The opposition Congress party is furious as the photos related to this have gone viral on social media.

Women are embarrassed to be in bikinis in front of God. However, the BJP leaders are also responding boldly. Congress leaders are countering that they cannot see women playing wrestling. He said that they cannot see women doing gymnastics and swimming. The BJP leaders criticized the women in the field for looking at them with bad eyes and saying that they should be ashamed.


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