This b*** Preeti won’t talk about death…’Are Nakem Rehash’ Rashmi Fire!

A netizen expressed impatience on anchor Rashmi Gautam. He tweeted that he thought it was a joke. Rashmi replied to the tweet.

anchor rashmi gautam strong counter to a person who blamed her

First Published Feb 28, 2023, 5:08 PM IST

One incident put Rashmi Gautam in trouble. Netizens are criticizing her severely. They are causing trouble with inappropriate comments. Recently, a four-year-old boy died in an attack by stray dogs in Hyderabad. This incident sparked outrage among the people. Anyone who speaks in support of stray dogs is severely vilified. And Rashmi Gautam has been a social media movement in support of mutes for a long time. Anyone who tortures stray dogs complains that action should be taken.

Even in the case of the boy, Rashmi said that there is nothing wrong with stray dogs. Rashmi commented that it is the responsibility of parents to take care of young children. Rashmi’s behavior made her even more angry. Rashmi was targeted by booing. One tweeted that Rashmi would be beaten like a dog… while the other threatened to attack her with acid and blackmail. Rashmi has been informing about the social media attack on her from time to time.

Recently, a netizen tagged her and tweeted, ‘This b*** won’t say a word on Preeti’s death’. Quoting the said tweet, Rashmi… “Is there really any connection? They say that these atrocities are happening because of the shows I do and the clothes I wear. In fact, you have nothing to do with my words and actions,” he replied.

Rashmi, who speaks on behalf of the dogs, does not talk about Dr. Preeti, who committed suicide due to harassment. The netizen commented that in Rashmi’s view, human beings do not value the lives of dogs. What is the relationship with me? Why should I speak? She countered by saying that I am the cause of any injustice in the world.

Overall, Rashmi’s social media harassment increased. Rashmi says that her doctrine is the protection of the mute. People are questioning whether the lives of dogs are valuable to humans. This conflict continues as an unanswered debate. Meanwhile, director Ram Gopal Varma is fighting on behalf of a child who lost his sight in an attack by stray dogs. He is consolidating the government and related officials with successive posts.

Last Updated Feb 28, 2023, 5:16 PM IST

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