To get rid of Shani’s troubles, just wear this colorful gem.. All the troubles will disappear?

Hearing this name of Lord Shaniswar makes many people shiver in their backs. Once the influence of Shani has fallen on us, it is not an easy way to get out of that pain. However, Lord Shaniswar does not show his influence on anyone unnecessarily. Shaniswar is also known as the son of Dandakari and Nyaya Putra. She is also called Dandakarini because she punishes us according to our karmas for our sins.

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First Published Mar 4, 2023, 2:31 PM IST

In the eyes of Shaniswar, there is no difference of his own name. He must punish anyone who does wrong. Once Saturn’s influence falls on us, we have to face many kinds of difficulties. Planned works are not done on time and financial problems are haunting. You also have to face insults from others. That’s why we should not have the influence of Shani on us which means that we should always keep in mind what we do and make sure that we do not cause trouble to others and do not do injustice to others.

And to get rid of the influence of Shani, many people follow various methods of compensation. In order to get rid of Shani’s influence, it is believed that by worshiping Lord Hanuman and Ishwar, Shani’s sufferings will be removed. By wearing this water colored gem, one can get rid of the influence of Saturn. Although this blue gem is a bit expensive, wearing this gem will remove the effect of Shani, but while wearing this gem, everyone must follow certain rules, then this gem will have an effect on us.

The wearer of this gem should be involved in social service activities. If this gem is set then it is not anyone’s generation to stop the growth in the life of the wearer of this gem otherwise this gem is not set which means their life will fall to the underworld. Therefore it is better for the wearer of this gem to follow the rules. Those who wear this gem should always help others. It is also very good to worship Lord Shiva’s Hanuman Ayyappa with blue flowers. The wearer of this gem also observes the rules of Shanivara and Shaniswara showers his blessings on us.

Last Updated Mar 4, 2023, 2:31 PM IST

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