Today’s Horoscope: A Rashi’s health is likely to improve.

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How is today going to be for the twelve signs of the zodiac cycle? Good luck to anyone.. What their lucky stars say. Who will get along…who will have problems…let’s find out today in Rasi Falu.
Date : 8 March 2023
Year : Shubhakritunama
Him: Uttarayanam
month Falguna
Season: Autumn
Party: Krishna Party
Week: Wednesday
Tithi : Padyami night till 7.11
Nakshatra : Up to 3:56 am in the northern morning
Curfew: 9:55 AM to 11:38 AM
Amrita Clocks: 8:11 PM to 9:54 PM
Durmuhurtam: 11.47 am. From 12.34 p.m. until
Rahu period: 12.00 pm to 01.30 pm
Yamagandam: 07.30 am. to 09.00 a.m. until

Aries (Ashwini 1,2,3,4 Bharani 1,2,3,4 Krittika 1):

There is a possibility that you will be blamed in the society. Employees will face some difficulty in their job. Financial difficulties will arise. Unnecessary journeys will not result in fatigue and physical weakness. Quarrels with government officials may arise. Proper precautions should be taken in the matter of health. There will be bitter experiences and difficulties in the society. Negative environment in the family. Mentally and physically weak. Chant Om Durgayi Namah today to get auspicious results.

Taurus (Krttika 2 3 4, Rohini 1 2 3 4, Mrigasira 1 2):

Mistakes in small matters lead to trouble. It is better to stay away from revenge, revenge and anger. We should act secularly in the society. Due to the friendship of the government officials, all the government related works will go smoothly. Health should be taken care of. Unexpected journeys occur. Mental anxiety increases due to slow progress of the planned work. Chant Om Shanmukhaya Namah today to get good results.

Gemini (Mrigashira 3 4, Arudra 1 2 3 4, Punarvasu 1 2 3):
Decisions should be taken carefully considering the affairs of the hands. Dissatisfaction at work creates atmosphere. Accusations in society should be dealt with effectively. Do your duty properly. Social situations cause minor difficulties. Certain events lead to emotional outbursts. Unnecessary expenses should be reduced. It is better to stay away from bad company for visionaries. Chant Om Vayuputraya Namah today to get good results.

Cancer (Punarvasu 4, Pushyami 1 2 3 4, Ashlesha 1 2 3 4):
Naturally there will be differences with some people. Concerns over key issues. Should be in harmony with relatives. Care should be taken in health matters. Efforts in work will be successful if done persistently. Friends will cause disloyalty. Teja is like taking the right decision without neglecting the agricultural affairs. Chant Om Chandikayai Namah today for this Rashi to get good results

Lion (Makha 1 2 3 4, Pubba1 2 3 4, Uttara 1):
Disputes with relatives will be resolved. Reputation increases in the society. A peaceful atmosphere is created in the family. Decisions for development come together. Gain an upper hand over opponents. New ideas come together. Participate in spiritual activities. Unexpected financial gain in professional business. Chant Omshasidharaya Namah today for good results. Chant Om Trivikramaya Namah for auspicious results.

Virgo (Uttara 2 3 4, Hasta 1 2 3 4, Chitta 1 2):
There are some fluctuations in terms of jobs. In some cases one has to fight alone. Mentally and physically weak. Control anger in dealings. There may be little difficulty in government related work. Professional business will be normal. If you persevere, things will get done. Chant Om Mitraya Namah for this zodiac sign today and get good results.

Libra (Chitta 3 4, Swati 1 2 3 4, Visakha 1 2 3):
New vehicles are purchased. Homework comes together to initiate new initiatives. Unexpectedly some opportunities will come your way. No matter how good the weather is outside. Development of professional businesses will be good. Employees will get respect from colleagues. Adequate recognition will be given to strengths. Participates enthusiastically in social service activities. Chant Om Ashtalakshmiai Namah today to get good results.

Scorpio (Visakha 4, Anuradha 1 2 3 4, Jyeshtha 1 2 3 4):
Innovative approaches to development can yield good results. Profits are good in professional business. Financial assistance to others. Old dues will be collected. Actively participates in family affairs. A key problem will be solved. Participate in marriage auspicious activities. Some tough decisions are taken for economic development. Today there will be peace of mind and satisfaction. Chant Om Tripurantakaya Namah today for this Rasi to get good results.

Sagittarius (Mula 1 2 3 4 BC Shada 1 2 3 4, U.Shada 1):
Difficulties arise when social conditions are not favorable. Due to the problems, you will be subjected to mental agony. Your expectations will be turned upside down today. It is better to keep the mind calm. Income may decrease and unexpected expenses may increase. Professional business affairs may not come together. Conflicts and irritations with relatives do not occur. Care should be taken while traveling. There is not much pressure from the authorities in the job. Chant Om Neelakanthaya Namah for this Rasi today to get good results.

Capricorn (U.Shada 2 3 4, Shravanam 1 2 3 4, Dhanishta 1 2):
There will be small financial gains. Even if there are obstacles in the work done, it will be completed with persistence. Industriousness There is anxiety in the mind. Avoid disputes and anger. Conflicts with relatives. Employees are annoyed by their superiors. New problems can arise due to lack of mental stability in dealings. Chant Om Keerti Lakshminamah today for auspicious results.

Aquarius (Dhanishtha 3 4, Shatabhisham 1 2 3 4, P.Bhadra 1 2 3):
Good news will be heard. New acquaintances will come together. They spend happily with relatives. Participating in feasts and entertainments.Purchasing valuables such as clothes and jewellery. They spend a lot on luxury items. I will collect old dues. Reputation and prestige in the society will be obtained. Efforts to make the business profitable will bear fruit. Physical exertion is reduced and body comfort is obtained. Attempted tasks are completed on time. Chant Om Rajya Lakshmi Namah today to get auspicious results.

Pisces (P. Bhadra 4, U. Bhadra 1 2 3 4, Revathi 1 2 3 4):
Participates enthusiastically in social service activities. Help others according to your ability. A peaceful atmosphere is created in the family. Friendship relationships will come together. Ways of resolving past issues will be found. Long journeys will come together. Attempted tasks will be completed on time. Good relations with superiors at work can be improved. Chant Om Ashtalakshmiai Namah today to get good results.


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