Tragedy in Kamareddy.. A young man collapsed while talking on the phone, fourth incident in five days

Tragedy took place in Kamareddy. A young man died of a heart attack while talking on a cell phone. This is the fourth incident in the last five days in that district

young man died heart attack in kamareddy district

First Published Mar 8, 2023, 7:24 PM IST

At that time, the word heart attack was rarely heard… People over the age of fifty or sixty were the most prone to heart attacks. But now due to the changed lifestyle and food habits, we are seeing many incidents of heart attack at a young age. Many people who are healthy suddenly suffer from heart attack while walking on the roads or in public places.

A few days ago, a young man died of a heart attack while dancing at a reception in Nirmal while everyone was enjoying themselves. A few days later, a young man named Sai died of a heart attack while returning home from a gym in Adoni, Kurnool district. Recently, a similar incident came to light in Kamareddy on Wednesday. A young man named Gone Santosh from Sriramnagar in the town collapsed while talking on the phone at home. The family members immediately responded and took him to the hospital for treatment, but the doctors said that Santosh had already died. The family members are mourning his death. Four people lost their lives due to heart attack in Kamareddy district in the last five days.

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Recently, the government has realized that heart problems have increased and people are losing their lives. Medical experts suggest to do CPR in time to save those suffering from heart stroke. With this, the Telangana government has launched a special program to create awareness among the people about CPR. The Telangana government is conducting training programs to provide timely CPR to those suffering from cardiac arrest. This CPR training program was inaugurated by Ministers Harish Rao and KTR.

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