Tragedy in Madhya Pradesh.. 2 dead after drowning in Chambal river.. 5 missing

Two pilgrims drowned in Chambal river in Madhya Pradesh. Five others are missing. The rescue team is conducting a search for them. In a village, 17 people tried to cross a river to go to the Kaila Devi temple in Rajasthan’s Morena district. This accident took place at this time.

Tragedy in Madhya Pradesh.. 2 dead after drowning in Chambal river.. 5 missing ISR

First Published Mar 19, 2023, 11:37 AM IST

Tragedy took place in Madhya Pradesh. Two drowned in Chambal river. Five others were missing. The search for them is going on. The details are as follows. 17 pilgrims from a village in Shivpuri district of Gwalior-Chambal region left the village last Thursday to visit the Kaila Devi temple in Rajasthan’s Morena district. It includes adults as well as women and small children.

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They all decided to visit the Devi temple on foot. They all walked and reached the Chambal river. But they all have to cross that river to reach Kaila Devi temple. So they all started crossing the river holding each other. But the recent rains have increased the water level. They could not predict this.

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Five pilgrims drowned in the water. The police came to know about this. With this, the police of both the states reached the place and started rescue operations. A search has been made for them. After some time, two dead bodies were recovered from the water. One of the dead was identified as Devkinandan Kushwah (55) and his brother Kallo Kushwah (40).

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Efforts to rescue the five are ongoing. The missing include Alopa Kushwa, wife of Devkinandan Kushwa, Rukmini Kushwa, Lavakush Kushwa, Brijmohan Kushwa and Rashmi Kushwa. They are close relatives. Devkinandan, who died in this accident, visited the Kaila Devi temple in the past. Successfully crossed this river 4-5 times. The river connects the Gwalior-Chambal region of Madhya Pradesh with the Braj region of Rajasthan.

Last Updated Mar 19, 2023, 11:37 AM IST

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