Tulsi is happy that Divya has come.. Is Divya keeping Lasya away?

Intinti Gruhalakshmi: The TV serial Intinti Gruhalakshmi continues with a good concept. Let’s find out the highlights of what happened in today’s February 22nd episode of this serial which is airing with the concept of a woman who separates from her husband and fights alone for her family.

Divya avoid lasya in todays intinti Gruhalakshmi serial gnr

First Published Feb 22, 2023, 9:05 AM IST

In today’s episode, Divya brings balloons for the baby and then goes to talk to the bullies. You are the heroes who cut the baby balloons, God will give you some kind of punishment before going home, because it is said in the Bhagavad Gita, the bratty boys are laughing at Divya’s words. Now Divya gives wisdom to them with her words. After that, she writes down the phone number of the doctor and goes to meet that doctor or else she will become a psycho and leaves from there. Then seeing the boy and their friends run away from there, Orei thinks it’s funny that believe me, I’m not a psycho. On the other hand, Tulsi goes to the airport for Divya.

Later, Nandu Lasya also goes to the airport for Divya. After that, while Nandu and Tulsi were all meeting together and talking, Divya called and said that mom has come, and I stood in front of her. Tulsi lovingly touches Divya with joy. Then they both talk lovingly. Tulsi says I thought you would come an hour earlier for me, I thought I would come, so I went to the temple to do pooja for you. After that, Divya greets Nandu with love. Then while Lasya greets, Divya ignores and talks lovingly with Tulsi.

Then, when I was a child, I used to say buy this, buy this, and now the things that take lives have become the things that take one’s life. After that everyone goes to the car together. Then Lasya says that Divya’s love for you has not decreased but Divya’s status has increased and she has gone from bike to car. Then Lasya speaks in such a way as to separate Tulsi Divya. When Divya says let’s go, Divya says the boy is father.

Lasya asks if I have put the luggage in the car. Tulsi looks at Lasya and smiles. Then Lasya says that we are useless except to carry the luggage, so Nandu says don’t do more to her than me, let’s go. On the other hand, everyone at home is rushing to see if Divya will come. After that, when Divya comes home, Tulsi gives a harati and calls her to come in. Then Divya goes in and everyone is happy to see Anasuya splashing with Parandhamaya.

Then Divya says that everyone complains about Parandhamaya’s health, so how many complaints did grandfather say, they should be left as if they were not seen, mother means they are all my mother’s fault, but I am not like that, I will chase and harass her. Then she satires on Lasya saying that Ramulamma who is next to her is the same as if she is giving a warning to me as well, but I don’t feel that way. Then Ramulamma brings the sweet and gives it to Divya, Divya says you are the reason why I am in this position today, you are not giving me sweets, I am giving you sweets.

Prem says grandpa then don’t hurry and get treatment with Divya, read it and pass it, copy the letter and pass it, says Prem. Then Prem Divya runs and plays. Then everyone will be happy. After that, while feeding Divya with gorumuddas, Prem says Pettamma to me too. Then Divya says that I was not an elder brother for three years, you got all that love, you did not come and go for three years. Prem says that when I was three years old, mom did not make anything that I liked, but when you came, she made it for you.

Then Prem teases and talks to Divya. Later Abhi makes a video call to Ankita. Then everyone eats and it waits for them. After that Ankita makes a video call while Abhi satires on Divya while Ankita laughs. She asked Divya what are your feature plans now and she said that she wants to start a small clinic and provide treatment to the poor at a low cost.

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