Tulsi who is developing Nandu’s business.. Abhi who misunderstood Tulsi?


First Published Feb 11, 2023, 9:59 AM IST

In today’s episode, while Nandu is getting ready, Lasya asks where are you going, and Nandu says that the question is not an answer. Let’s go out, Nandu says she is bored, and Tulsi says that I am going out on some other work, and Nandu leaves. After that, when Nandu brings new clothes for everyone, Lasya gets happy and says that these are not for you, but for them at home. Then there is no context, Dad says I am happy that’s why I brought it, Parandhamaya says ok.

He gives clothes to everyone saying that no one should know that he has brought clothes. Then everyone will be happy. Then Nandu looks at Tulsi and says please, Tulsi keeps looking at him while giving clothes. Tulsi wears the clothes brought by Aunty saying now everyone take it, we will also return if not. Then Tulsi thought in her mind that she had not bought a single saree in the old days of Kapuram and now after divorce she is buying and selling it, she takes that saree with a smile.

Then Lasya doesn’t like my selection as Parandhamaya says that I have brought it for everyone, so Lasya gets happy when I give money saying that I am giving her money. After that, while sitting and talking, everyone is happy that they are setting up two more branches in the city on the occasion of Tulsi. Nandu asks what do you want as you have to give a party, Lasya says I want a necklace, but not all of them, but your car is with the bank, so please return it.

Then Nandu says today night I am going to give you a treat so be ready everyone gets happy. After that, while Nandu was working, their friend came and Nandu was talking. If my friend is busy, Nandu is happy to say that he has come to see us. Nandu is happy saying about the family that we are all standing behind me and I am very happy. When I thought I couldn’t do anything, Nandu advised me to open a cafe that gave me an idea. Usually the wives who gave me various things are angry, but Nandu is doing this, saying he is great, and praising their friend Tulsi.

Nandu gets happy saying that Nandu is very lucky. Nandu praises that even though I did not do anything for Tulsi, Tulsi stood by me and said that she has a great heart. Then Nandu says what can’t you give and what will you give now then Nandu shows the gold necklace in his job and says I took it for Tulsi. He says I did not give this to Tulsi as her ex-husband but as a friend for starting my cafe. Then he leaves from there saying that never insult their friend Tulasi again, don’t hurt him, if you do that then there is no one more stupid than you.

Then Nandu looks at the necklace. Later, Anasuya Parandhamaya comes there while talking on the phone about the decoration of Tulsi Cafe. Tulsi says what’s special now, on Valentine’s day, many lovers come, that’s why I am decorating like this, Tulsi says. Shruti says that if everyone in the cafe takes photos and shares them on social media, our cafe will also get the publicity it needs. Meanwhile Nandu comes there and says don’t think I planned without telling you. Now when you are saying that we are coming behind with the courage that you are in the front, don’t get tensed, then Lasya comes there.

If your thinking is correct, Tulsi Cafe owner says that you should definitely take his help in any matter. Then Prem praises Tulsi saying who is the reason for all this happening. Lasya said that while mother was thinking and making a decision about each and every one of them, what did you do? Why do you stand in the way? Then Lasya says that Nandu should not pay attention to Lasya’s words, not because she said something was casual, but I said it was serious. Lasya says that since I am the owner of the cafe, every single thing should be done by me.

Lasya says that you don’t understand what Nandu is saying. Nandu says that I have to decide when Prem says sorry while he is making a fuss about wanting to be pampered. Then Lasya gets shocked when Nandu speaks in support of Tulsi. If you want to plan something, say it but don’t give complaints, says Nandu. Then Parandhamaya makes jokes and everyone laughs.

Later, Abhi convinces everyone at the house and says that aunty should pay for the travel expenses. Abhi gets shocked when Tulsi comes there. Then Tulsi says I am happy that you are growing up but I did not think that you will go down so much. Tulsi says that I am taking Ankita to America with your money and ask your mother-in-law for money. Then Abhi says I am taking it with my money and Tulsi says it is a lie that you are going with the alms given by your mother-in-law.

Tulsi says mother-in-law buys you with money, you don’t understand that. Tulsi blames Abhi saying that I didn’t take anything from the village, I am borrowing money, I know that Ankita will not like it, I know what will happen the day I know about it, I don’t know if you will tell me, but you are the one who is trying to create a wedge between us. Then Tulsi warns Abhi and then Abhi misunderstands Tulsi.

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