Unstoppable Vs Nizhyan with Smitha… Is Balayya to be checked!

Making a successful talk show in OTT is not that easy. There is no point in supporting the stars and attending as guests at times. Even the management of Aha once fell into a hole. Samantha shot and left a season titled ‘Sam Jam’ as a host. Top celebrities like Chiranjeevi, Allu Arjun, Vijay Devarakonda, Rana, Tamannaah were invited and made episodes. The purpose is zero. Even if the stars came, the viewership did not come. With that blow, Sam Jam was thrown in the dust bin.

After giving a little gap, Balayya came up with the unstoppable idea and succeeded. Unstoppable has many features. Balayya hosting is the first reason. The second reason is to bring up and discuss controversial topics in guests’ lives. Are their answers honest? Or? Apart from that, the show will deal with topics that have never been discussed before. There is a rumor that Balayya, who used to speak dialogues in movies, could not speak properly in public. Balayya said that the show was a failure as a host.

Balayya got a blockbuster success by keeping the critics in check. In the wake of unstoppable success, popular OTT platforms are launching talk shows. Their contacts make them participate in the top stars show. Najjar with Smitha is one of them. Chiranjeevi came as a guest on the first episode of Nizhne with Smitha, which was hosted by singer Smitha. Smita succeeded in bringing out new unknown facts about Chiranjeevi. There has been a considerable debate in Tollywood about the Najib with Smita Chiranjeevi episode.

Chandrababu has planned consecutive episodes with Naidu, Nani, Rana and Sai Pallavi. Smitha is preparing a list of questions very hard. In this order, there are suggestions that Balayya will compete with Smitha for Unstoppable Show. Smita has good connections in the industry. Some other top stars are likely to participate in the show in the near future. So it looks certain that Sony Liv will be a hit with Najir with Smitha.


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