Valentine’s Day: Twitter’s love story.. A journalist’s love story is going viral..

Hyderabad: Love is a beautiful experience in everyone’s life. A woman who kept such an experience under wraps shared how she and her husband actually met on Valentine’s Day, and now the post has gone viral on Twitter.

In the internet age, every social media application is a dating platform, working well to bring two people’s hearts together. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… any social media platform is a good platform for lovebirds. Through these many people are meeting their love idols.

Microblogging site Twitter has also taken the lead in bringing the lovebirds together. This is such a love story. The hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter has been trending for a while now. Hoping on this trend, Donita Jose shared her #WeMetOnTwitter story. Donita, who is a journalist by profession, has shared a story about how she met her current husband.. how she fell in love.. how she got married.

Being a journalist, she sent a message to her husband on Twitter asking for help in reporting a story. That too a very simple, casual message.. asking for his help in covering the story. She said that she is working in New Indian Express.. Her name is Donita.. She asked for help for the story on TSRTC.

He responded to this.. If you want to talk about the story, call after 6 pm.. or message him anytime during the day on his phone number. shared. That’s how they met. She also posted the screen shot of that chat on her Twitter. After that they also shared their engagement and wedding photos.

Congratulations are pouring in on Twitter for this story that started with a very simple conversation that turned into love and marriage.



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