Vashishta out of ‘Bimbisara 2’.. Will there be a sequel?

Kalyan Ram’s “Bimbisara” was a huge success. This created a buzz about the sequel. But the news that the director has been dropped from the sequel now raises many doubts.

director vasishta out of bimbisara 2 will there be a sequel?

First Published Mar 14, 2023, 11:05 AM IST

The film “Bimbisara” gave success to Kalyan Ram after many days. The film is directed by Vashishta Malladi and produced by Kalyan Ram. This movie which was released last year was a great success. It gave a big relief to Kalyan Ram. After that “Amigos” from him shocked. The film was released recently and was a flop. Meanwhile, it is known that the sequel was announced at the time of “Bimbisara”. A hint was also given in the end card of the movie. Moreover, director Vashishta said that he wants to make this movie like a franchise.

Recently, Kalyan Ram gave an update on ‘Bimbisara 2’. He reacted during the promotions of ‘Amigos’. It will be at the end of this year. He said that he is currently doing the movie ‘Devil’. Meanwhile, various news about “Bimbisara 2” have been doing the rounds for some time now. There were rumors that the director had been dropped and that the director had dropped out. But it is known that it is true that Vashishta has dropped out of this sequel. It is also true that he was spared.

After the success of ‘Bimbisara’, Vashishta told stories to other heroes. Then he told a story to Balayya who liked the movie. He expressed interest. Superstar Rajinikanth also narrated a story along with him. It is known that Rajini has also expressed his interest. But these things happened without the knowledge of Kalyan Ram and team. On the one hand, while “Bimbisara 2” was to be done, it is known that the director left Vashishta out due to the emotional differences that arose between them after narrating the story to other heroes, and the way the team reacted to him, he was disappointed. However, it is said that Vashishta’s exit from ‘Bimbisara 2’ is true.

But it is known that there is another reason for avoiding the director. Although a sequel has been announced, there is no script for it. A sequel was announced for that hype, but the actual sequel has no story. It is said that Kalyan Ram’s team did not like the fact that he was chasing other heroes without focusing on the script, and that is why he was left out. And we need to know the truth in this. But this news has been doing rounds for many days. But there is talk that another director has been finalized for “Bimbisara 2” instead of Vashishta. It is known that Anil Paduri has been fixed as the director. But due to the lack of story, doubts are being expressed whether there will be a sequel or not.

Last Updated Mar 14, 2023, 11:05 AM IST

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