Vasudhara, Rishi who went to the minister’s house.. Jagati Mahendra in happiness?

Guppedantha Manasu: The serial Guppedantha Manasu which is being aired on television is very impressive to the audience. The serial continues with the love story between a lecturer and a student in a college. Let’s find out what happened in today’s March 8th episode.

Jagathi and mahendra are happy in today's guppedantha manasu serial gnr

First Published Mar 8, 2023, 7:38 AM IST

In today’s episode, Fanindra Devyani says what is your problem and Rishi says it is not mine. If Rishi is a problem Rishi solves it and says why are you in the middle of it. This is the problem Andi has come up with, problems at home, problems at college, problems at home, problems at home, what does that mean, they say, they shut my mouth. Devayani asks if you are really responsible for Rishi. Good, Devyani Rishi is still a small child and has been saying these words for years. No matter how much I tried, I did not hear about that Vasudhara.

But Devayani says what do you want to do now i.e. Rishi should think about future, while Jagati’s people come there. Rishi is saying something, but Fanindra is about to say wait, Devayani says what’s wrong, Mahendra, I am telling you that you are not concerned about Rishi. Devayani says Mahendra says Rishi has gone somewhere. Then Devayani pretends that she loves Rishi more than anyone else and asks why should she know what world Rishi has gone to.

Devayani leaves thinking that Rishi must have gone to Vasudhara. On the other side Rishi is waiting for Pasudhara. Then Vasudhara came wearing a normal dress and asked what is the matter, I will wear such a dress sir, so I said let’s go out, Rishi asks why are you wearing such a dress. Vasudhara says you didn’t tell where you are going, we should dress comfortably according to the place we are going. I don’t like this dress and go and change the dress and come Vasudhara means then they both argue funny about the dress.

Then Rishi says he will wait to change his dress and leaves from there. After that, Vasudhara goes to the room and calls Pragati, Jagati says, what madam, your son is complaining about me, what is it, Vasudhara, did you open the complaint box on my son this morning. Then, as the Rishi recounted all the things he had done, the world was in turmoil. Jagati says Vasu wait for a minute and ask me all the questions that I should ask Rishi, but they are courting us, so it is like we are in love, Jagati says. Jagati says Rishi doesn’t exercise power over anyone but he is ruling you, that means he has grown in love for you.

Vasudhara says, “I don’t understand what Vasudhara can do without understanding that, that is, I am not his wife. If he gives me the power, I should stay here, madam.” Jagati tells you, Vasudhara, be a bit cool and adapt to the situation. After that, Rishi was waiting for Vasudhara, then as Vasudhara came with a sari, Rishi kept looking at Vasudhara. Then Rishi and Vasudharani keep looking at each other. Then Rishi remembers the fact that he saw this saree somewhere and then Vasudhara said that this saree was given to me as a wedding gift by the minister.

Later Vasu and Rishi leave together. Later, while Vasudhara is going in Rishi’s car, Vasudhara says, Sir, what kind of surprise have you planned or where are you going, sir. Seeing the tattoo on the neck, Sir asks what do you think when you see this tattoo, then he sings about becoming a Rishi. On the other hand, Jagati Mahendra is jokingly talking about where Rishi and Vasudhara have gone. Then Jagati laughs while Mahendra makes a bit of a funny joke. Then while both of them are joking, Dharani comes there. Then Dharani and Jagati laugh at it as Mahendra makes a funny ad.

After that, Vasudhara and Rishi went to the minister’s house, so why did we come here, the minister asked us both to come for dinner, Rishi says. Then Rishi gave his hand and said Padandi Srimati Garu, Vasudhara held Rishi’s hand and went inside smiling. After that, as Vasudhara and Rishi both go inside, the minister praises Vasudhara and Rishi greatly, saying, Come, they are a new couple. Then both Vasudhara Rishis are happy with the minister’s words. After that Minister Vasudhara Rishi three will eat together.

Last Updated Mar 8, 2023, 7:38 AM IST

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