Vasundhara who insulted Malli.. Are you happy talking about Malli?

Malli: The Malli serial which is being aired on Telugu television is gaining momentum by impressing the audience. This serial which continues with twists and turns, now let’s know what happened in today’s February 10th episode.

Meera feels happy about malli education in todays malli serial gnr

First Published Feb 10, 2023, 2:20 PM IST

In today’s episode, Arvind and Malli are wearing seat belts and watching Malli’s dreams. Then while both of them were looking at each other, Arvind was putting on his seat belt saying that if Malli Babu comes near the house, Arvind gets shocked. Malini says what happened, did you say you are taking rest or are you going to college? Arvind says ok Arvind, you go by bike and I will go by car, I told you again I will come late. He says, “Okay, let’s go to Mali and sit down.”

Then Malini opens the door and says again you go back and sit this is my place to sit. Then Malli goes to the back and sits. Now Malini looks at Arvind and thinks Arvind can’t stand who is in my place next to you. On the other hand Meera calls Arvind. Then Arvind and Malli get shocked once they see that phone number. Then Arvind hangs up the phone. Then she will call again immediately. Then when Arvind is about to hang up, Mali interrupts Mali and says I will pick up the call and you talk. Then both Meera and Mally are talking.

Then when Malini speaks then Meera says there is someone next to Malini. Then Malini, Malli I will speak. She says didn’t tell your mother about me. Then Malini talks about herself to Meera while Arvind and Malli get tense. Then Arvind says I will do it soon and hangs up. Then she asked Mali and they both breathed. On the other hand, Vasundhara thinks she saw someone’s face standing on the road, then Sarath says, don’t make me angry by making satires, I am actually mental.

Meanwhile Malini comes there. What happened mommy said a car gave a problem that means okay mommy let’s go to the car when Vasundhara goes to the car and sees Malli there and Vasundhara is shocked. Then Malini asks Malli to come in auto and gives money. Then Arvind gets tensed as to how Malli will come. Then Malli stands on the road and thinks. After that, all the faculty of the college are waiting to give a grand welcome to Malli in the college. Meanwhile, the principal of the college asks if Malini is coming again.

Then when Malli comes there, they give Malli a bouquet and welcome him grandly. Then again, Arvind and Vasundhara are getting angry. Then Vasundhara speaks to everyone’s disappointment. Then Vasundhara talks to Malini in a disturbing way. Later, Arvind shows all the best to Malli and leaves from there, all the college students are rotting thinking that Malli should be ragging and not come to college. On the other hand Prakash is happy while talking about Malli and their mother is crying.

Last Updated Feb 10, 2023, 2:20 PM IST

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