Venkatesh Maha who cursed KGF 2… Shocking facts revealed!

In an interview, director Venkatesh Maha made inappropriate remarks about the film KGF 2. They made horrible comments saying that they are mean and stingy. But some people are predicting that Venkatesh Maha made such comments on purpose.

is director venkatesh maha intentionally made controversial comments on kgf 2

First Published Mar 9, 2023, 3:11 PM IST

Kancharapalem fame Venkatesh Maha’s disparaging of the film KGF 2 caused a lot of backlash. Fans of KGF film across the country have thrown Venkatesh Mahanu Eki. Nandini Reddy, Vivek Atreya, Mohana Krishna Indraganti and Shiva Nirvana who laughed while enjoying Venkatesh Maha’s inappropriate comments were also criticized. The directors begged to apologize for the social media trolls.

Venkatesh Maha, who was the real cause of the controversy, tried to justify his comments while apologizing. I apologize not only for the language I used. He said he will stick to my opinion on the KGF film. Venkatesh Maha did not know that defaming a popular film in public would lead to controversy… that there was a sketch behind it. It is said that Venkatesh made great comments.

Some people say that it was not emotion that he went through on KGF 2. It is said that they did it hoping for a purpose. An anthology series titled ‘Anger Tales’ will be streamed on Disney Plus Hot Star from March 9. This series of four episodes is directed by Prabhala Tilak. Venkatesh Maha acted in this anthology series. Some argue that KGF made such comments on the film to get publicity for this series.

Netizens are predicting this. Venkatesh Maha’s episode in ‘Anger Tales’ series is filled with ghosts. Children under 18 should watch under parental supervision. He tweeted asking parents to take proper precautions. Venkatesh Maha, who said that his character in Anchor Tales talks nonsense… is cursing KGF movie for publicity. It is said that he did this to get publicity for Anger Tales series and it got more publicity than he wanted.

Last Updated Mar 9, 2023, 3:11 PM IST

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