Venkatesh Prasad, who is not concerned about KL Rahul… what has he achieved after being in the team for 8 years…

First Published Feb 22, 2023, 10:25 AM IST

Team India management is very fond of KL Rahul. No matter how many times he flops, he continues to win consecutive chances. Former Indian cricketer Venkatesh Prasad is uniting Team India in this regard…

Akash Chopra had a different reaction to Venkatesh Prasad’s comments that KL Rahul was not fit to be in the Test team. He referred to KL Rahul’s Test records abroad as a must have in the team. Venkatesh Prasad reacted more strongly to this.

KL Rahul

My friend Akash Chopra made a video on YouTube today. He wrongly said that I am speaking according to an agenda and I don’t like KL Rahul at all. I don’t know one but Mayank Agarwal has an average of 70 at home. He also scored two double centuries. Why was he left aside?

KL Rahul-Dravid

According to Akash Chopra, Rohit Sharma should also sit on the reserve bench. I don’t have any agenda. It is natural to have differences of opinion. But it is not correct to talk about anything for your YouTube views…

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I have no grudge against KL Rahul. No other player is above. My only intention is that the team selection should be fair. Players should have a place in the team based on performance. Why Sarfaraz Khan and Kuldeep Yadav are ignored…

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It was Akash Chopra who said that when Rohit was 24 years old and not even 4 years into his international cricket career, he was not fit to be in the team. He sarcastically tweeted that there is no talent. What did 31-year-old KL Rahul achieve after playing an 8-year international cricket career?

KL Rahul

I don’t mean to berate any player or insult them personally. Just questioning why he continues even if his performance is not good… No player cares that no one talks after the match… But if he cares, he will get a chance to learn his mistakes..

Akash Chopra is working very hard making YouTube videos. He is desperate to get views to his channel. But it is not correct to talk down other people like this…’ Venkatesh Prasad, the former cricketer of Team India, made a series of tweets.

Aakash Chopra-Venkatesh Prasad

Akash Chopra tweeted asking for a peace deal as the matter came back and forth on him. ‘Venky bhai.. the meaning of the messages you are sending is changing. You here, me on youtube.. not like this, you come to video chat. Oh let’s live. It is good to have different opinions. Let’s get it straight.. I don’t have any sponsors. Akash Chopra tweeted that I am not making any money from this.. I hope you have my number.. Call me..

After all this ruckus, if KL Rahul gets a place in the upcoming third Test between India and Australia… it will be interesting to see how the fans will react along with Venkatesh Prasad..


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