Venu says Balagam story is my six year difficulty… Why did Dil Raju call for compromise?

It is known that there is a controversy about the story of Balagam movie. Director Venu responded in the wake of journalist Gaddam Satish’s allegations that the story of the film is mine.

balagam movie controversy director venu condemns writer sathish gaddam allegations

First Published Mar 5, 2023, 3:30 PM IST

Balagam movie produced by Dil Raju released on 3rd of this month and got positive talk. Comedian Venu turned director and directed Balagam. Telangana journalist Gaddam Satish says Namaste that the story of this film is mine. His main allegation is that Balagam movie was made by making slight changes to the story he had previously written with the title Pashthi. Venu Media has come forward in this order. Gaddam Satish denied the copy allegations. Venu said that it is ridiculous that Gaddam Satish claims that this story is based on real events that happened in his family.

He said… After my father’s death this point came to my mind. We are a joint family with hundred members. Pakshi Muttudu is not only a Telangana tradition. It is Telugu tradition. I turned my idea into a story with the help of my friend Pradeep Advait. I told this story to Anudeep, director of Jati Ratnalu movie. I have done six years of research on the tradition of bird kissing in many villages. I have not read the story written by Gaddam Satish. Everyone thinks differently about Telugu culture and traditions. The story I have written is related to people’s real life actions. Gaddam Satish is being accused of copying our film to make it look bad. If we use his story, why didn’t he complain in the writer’s association? Venu said that there is no truth in his allegations.

Venu says that he has researched and written the story of Balagam movie. But it is reported that Gaddam Satish has been called by Dil Raju for talks. Don’t make the dispute bigger, ask what you want. Admitting that the story of Balagam movie is mine, he demanded to give credit in the movie titles. Dil Raju said that he will give money but cannot give credit. It is reported that no agreement was reached between the two. As Venu says, if the story was written by him himself, then why did Dil Raju call Gaddam Satish for the settlement, is the argument of industry circles.

Dil Raju’s strategy of paying Gaddam Satish and closing the matter failed as he did not agree. There is an argument that the director is making these comments with Venu. Another interesting thing is… Balagam is very close to the 2015 Kannada film ‘Thiti’. In that film too, bird infestation is mainly mentioned. Tithi won the National Award. In this order, it cannot be said that the story of Venu Balagam movie has hundred percent originality. It remains to be seen what kind of turn the controversy will take as Gaddam Satish is said to be taking legal action.

Last Updated Mar 5, 2023, 3:30 PM IST

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