Vikram, Devu who is happy with Divya’s words.. Vasudev showing drops to Lasya?

Intinti Gruhalakshmi: The TV serial Intinti Gruhalakshmi continues with a good concept. Let’s find out the highlights of what happened in today’s 14th March episode of this serial which is being aired with the concept of a woman who separates from her husband and fights alone for her family.

Devudu and Vikram are happy about Divya's intention in today's intinti Gruhalakshmi serial gnr

First Published Mar 14, 2023, 10:56 AM IST

In today’s episode, Vasudev was silent before, Tulsi now I am wondering how did she get that courage, that is, Anasuya knows that our address is now working Babu, which means that they started singing lasya bhajan in their mind, Kadara Baboy is thinking. Then Vasudev asks Tulsi’s wife about the children, while Lasya intervenes and Divya is studying to become a doctor, so Vasudev asks what about your children. He says that you have left your husband and your child is studying in a hostel but you are roaming around as Tingu Ranga. Then the maid Ramulamma says that the woman is called in four different ways outside and she will take them all down and study her son in the hostel.

Then Lasya is burning with anger. On the other hand, when Vikram God went to a restaurant together, then Vikram God held his hand and was walking around and waiting, and all the restaurants were laughing at it. Vikram says that if I am between you two, the girl will not speak, when the girl comes, say what is on your mind as if it is Babu. Vikram says congratulations and says sitting at one place. Meanwhile, Vikram is happy as Divya comes there. Then when Divya comes, Vikram sits up and Vikram gets up and Divya sits down. Then Vikram stares at Divya as the two sit.

Then Vikram says that when Divya says sorry, I should ask you why, but you will say it even if you don’t ask nicely. She says do you remember that day I was unnecessarily serious about you? Vikram says that you can forget something by seeing your smiling face. Divya gets happy when Vikram talks a little lovingly saying that it is your right, saying why our girls misunderstand like that. Divya keeps looking at Divya saying, “Why did you put up with it? Because you will remind me of it. Say something else. I said all the words. Then Vikram looks on and Divya feels embarrassed.

In the meantime, while someone is talking about the bearer as uneducated, Divya, who is burning with anger, goes there and tells him wisdom. Then God and Vikram will be happy with the divine words. Then when Divya comes near Vikram and gets tensed, Vikram says sorry for disturbing you because of him, Vikram says no. Then God will say I love you at work, don’t get tense, Babu. Divya says when will we meet again, I should not want to meet Dr. Nandi again and again, if you are smiling, it is like a star in the sky, Divya laughs and leaves.

In the meantime, God came there and asked Mogudi whether she would agree to read Chinnababu’s work. On the other hand, Nandu sneaks into the kitchen to talk to Tulsi and sees Thongu. Thinking that Tulsi is the only one there, let’s go inside and talk. Ramulamma Tulsi would laugh at that. Nandu thinks that if he goes like that, he will not be able to work on time. He thinks that if Ramulamma is there then why should I be afraid?

Then again Nandhu gathers courage and goes inside. When Babu says what do you want, privacy means that’s the curry. I have to talk to Tulsi privately, then I say oh, what are you thinking while standing there, private is for husband and wife but not for you, Tulsi laughs. Then Tulsamma asks if Babu wants to be alone, should I go out, can you talk. Ramulamma says, Babu, you have told me that you have heard me. Then Ramulamma says Nandu svari Tulsi Indaka held her hand near the dining table which means it is wrong Babu. Then Nandu feels irritated as Ramulamma gets involved in everything.

Don’t get tensed as Nandu doesn’t know what to do next and leaves the place, you know he is tensed, Tulsi thinks that one day he will tell the truth to Vasudev Babu. After that, while Divya is going home, God comes as Agandamma and says a dialogue that she is the Queen of Education and praises her saying that it is super. Then Divya will happily speak the words of God. Then while the two of them are talking, Vikram is a chat and listens to them. Then, as God has directly spoken to you, if you study and he comes as a husband, is it okay with you, but if all things are the same, I don’t care much about the study, that is, Vikram will be happy.

As Divya said ok, I will go, God and Vikram kept walking together, whistling. On the other hand, everyone in Tulsi’s house is having fun and laughing together. Then Vasudev says I like it when you should be happy like this. Vasudev says that all this is because of the presence of Tulsi, and Lasya thinks that he has come here to praise Tulsi. Then Lasya says that they are free to say something about business. Nandu says when Lasya is tensed, Kadara stays in our house and listens when I talk. Vasudev says that Mogudu has left him and given him freedom for being at home. Meanwhile Divya comes home.

Last Updated Mar 14, 2023, 10:56 AM IST

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