Want to have first time shower sex? But you have to know these things

If you want to add some novelty and thrill to sex, try shower sex. Many couples keep on experimenting like this to inject newness into their sex life. If you also want to participate in shower sex.. do not forget these things in any situation.

Hearing the name of shower sex, many people have many doubts. Is this actually possible? Does it last as long as regular sex? Or? Stand under the shower that long? Many questions come to mind. But all your questions will be answered after first try. But before participating in shower sex, experts want to know some things about it. Especially if you’re trying shower sex for the first time? That is..

Be careful about protection

Be careful about safety during shower sex. Because water can cause the condom to slip. Also no natural lubricants while bathing. Because of this many people use soap or shower gel. But these are not that good. That’s why experts say that instead of soap, vegetable oil can be used as a lubricant.

water temperature

Our body temperature is different. But some people use hot water for bathing. Others use cold or lukewarm water. But before shower sex, make sure that the water is at a temperature that your body feels comfortable. Otherwise you will not be comfortable at that time.

Use shower mats

You can enjoy sex in your flexible position in the bathtub if you want. But there is a risk of the shower slipping. So put foot rest or skid proof mats under your feet. These will keep you from slipping.

It is important to keep the body flexible

To maintain your balance you need to balance the upper and lower body. Because shower sex is very risky. You will enjoy it only if your body is flexible. But according to a research. People like it more than regular sex. Daily exercises are essential to prepare yourself for shower sex. This increases your body’s stamina.

Discuss with a partner

If you want to have shower sex, you have to be ready for it. And tell your partner about it. Only participate in it if both agree. Only then will you avoid the problems of mood swings. Moreover, both of you will enjoy the moment more.

After shower sex, take a nice shower and wipe your body dry. It keeps you away from bacterial infections. Don’t forget to use condoms to protect yourself from STIs.


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