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Soul is the reason..
Movement of official files seems to be a battlefield in Karnataka Shaktisaudha. Because.. Many projects have been stalled due to slowness of official machinery for no apparent reason. However, field-level reasons remain unanswered for some people. So they decided to investigate for cosmic possibilities that could cause this delay.

An astrologer near Vidhana Soudha was consulted. His explanation there shocked them. “The possibility is that frustrated souls are sitting on the files and preventing their speedy processing,” he said. But no one understood what he said. For further explanation from him.. more purses opened. More currency notes fell. Finally, the astrologer muttered, “Remember what JDS MLA Sara Mahesh once said to understand this puzzle.”

Addressing the final session of the 15th Karnataka Assembly, Mahesh spoke about the disaffected souls of politicians. Those who failed to realize their ambitions would never leave the temples of democracy. “A taluka panchayat member wants to become a district panchayat member and then become an MLA. Naturally, their next wish is to become a minister, if not the chief minister. But many people do not survive the time it takes to make such progress,” he said. The disgruntled souls of such politicians roam free in the policy-making dragging file movement. It remains to be seen whether there will be an attempt to expel these souls.

Where is “Upper Vale”?
Officials have submitted an 11,500-page charge sheet in the biggest bribery case in Rajasthan’s history. When it comes to this case.. Rajasthan Police Service (RPS) officer Divya Mittal.. to get out of a medical dealer case Rs. They demanded a bribe of 2 crores. But she was caught red-handed. The authorities arrested her. But at that time she told the waiting media that she did all this for “Upper Wale”.

After this no statement from Divya Mittal came to public notice. An interesting question is what happened to the two “Upper Wale” persons mentioned in the latest chargesheet. Divya Mittal was suspended soon after her arrest. Moreover, a resort owned by her was demolished. But no one dared to touch the two senior officials she mentioned. Like many other embezzlement allegations, this “Upper Wale” will forever remain behind the khaki curtain.

Cell rule..
World of Mafia has a new definition.. that is for cell (cadres), from cell (jail), through cell (phone). The recent murder of Raju Pal in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj is reminiscent of this definition of underworld alleys if the accused surrender before the police. So far it is clear that despite the exemplary exercise by the Chief Minister himself to hunt down the two sons of a don behind the murder, no strong police action has been taken in the case.

After Raju Pal’s murder, the two accused had an encounter. But the junior bosses soon capitulate. Some are imprisoned. From there they continue their activities. Their father was credited with pulling the strings of his empire even when he was in prison.. Maybe it runs through the lineage.

Rich stench..
It is known that “India Gate” mentioned last week that the stench of political corruption is emanating from the Brahmapuram dump site in Kerala. It describes the dirty trail of nepotism and corruption that led to the incident. Now that the toxic fumes are slowly receding, the massive fraud behind the Brahmapuram garbage dump is coming to light. Bureaucrats and politicians are among those who dip their hands in the trash bins for fast money.

The interesting question is..if Zonta, the company contracted to manage Brahmapuram, continues to suffer..the role of the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) is questionable. KSIDC has awarded the contract to Zonta but Cochin Corporation is making all the payments including several crores as advance to the company.

Now it has been revealed that another waste-to-energy project has been awarded to Zonta Infratech by KSIDC, the nodal agency. KSIDC has leased 20 acres of land in Brahmapuram. entrusted Zonta with full legal rights to mortgage for further fundraising. As the investigation ordered by the state government is in progress.. Kerala is expecting more stench from all these deals.

Third Front Mamata..
In any election season in the country, efforts to form a third front can be seen as a neglected political figure. SP leader Akhilesh Yadav’s recent meeting with West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC chief Mamata Banerjee has once again given strength to these speculations. But in the context of TMC wanting to maintain an equal distance policy between Congress and BJP, the party has not yet agreed to discuss the third front in the meeting.

Like in 2021 and 2022 elections, political circles are keenly watching whether TMC and SC will join hands once again. On the other hand, Mamata’s visit to Odisha on March 23. All eyes are on the meeting she will hold with the chief minister of that state and Biju Janata Dal chief Naveen Patnaik. She is likely to take some more steps forward in this meeting regarding the Third Front.

Avatars of voters..
There are four groups of BJP voters in Karnataka..those who vote purely for Hindutva, those who vote for the candidate..who vote for their work, those who vote with caste card and those who vote for the image of Narendra Modi. But of course there are cracks in this huge vote bank too. For example, Modi fans are unhappy with the party’s hesitancy to take disciplinary action against MLA Madalu Virupakshappa, who is accused in a bribery case, fearing a backlash from the Lingayats.

After Praveen Nettaru’s murder in Mangalore.. activists and Hindutva voters became stronger with BJP. They were more a part of the Sangh organizations than the political machinery. But the BJP also realizes that it is in their best interest to increase the number of new generation voters who see the future under Modi’s leadership. Their self-respect is restored. India’s position on the global map has become clearer. It must be said that the challenge for the state leadership is to create planning skills so that this category of voters will not decide to vote only in the Lok Sabha elections but also vote in the Assembly elections.

But the new voters who see Modi’s image and vote for BJP come to the polling booth every 5 years without expecting anything. But if these voters sit at home on the day of voting and say, “Let’s see during the Lok Sabha elections”, it will be difficult for the state BJP this time.

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