Where is your personal phone.. the question of the ED officials, a poem that was brought from home

BRS MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha attended the ED inquiry regarding the Delhi liquor scam. ED officials have been questioning her for almost 5 hours. In this order, Kavitha handed over her personal mobile to the ED officials.

brs mlc kalvakuntla kavitha submitted her personal mobile to ed officials

First Published Mar 11, 2023, 4:48 PM IST

It is known that the ED is investigating BRS MLC Kalvakuntla’s poem in connection with the Delhi liquor scam. ED officials have been interrogating her for almost 5 hours. In this order, they ordered to hand over the phone currently being used. After this, Kavitha came out and handed over the personal phone of his security personnel to the ED officials. Kavitha brought the phone that was at home earlier through the security.

MLC Kavitha reached the ED office at 11 am on Saturday. The ED officials have been interrogating her for five hours. But it seems that the ED officials gave Kavita a lunch break in the middle. At this time, Kavita was seen walking in the premises of the ED office. However, there is no clarity on how long Kavitha will be interrogated today.

It seems that an ED team of five officers is questioning Kavitha. The inquiry will be headed by the ED Joint Director. It seems that Kavita is continuing the investigation in the presence of the female officer. It seems that the ED is inquiring about the details of the South Group in connection with the Delhi Liquor Scam. It seems that the ED officials are questioning Kavitha based on the information given by the people who have been arrested so far in connection with South Group along with auditor Buchibabu and businessman Arun Ramachandra Pillai in this case. Information is also being collected regarding the phones used by Kavitha.

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It is known that KTR and Harish Rao along with many Telangana ministers and BRS chief leaders reached Delhi in support of Kavitha. A large number of BRS activists also reached Delhi and supported Kavitha. But this morning when Kavitha left KCR’s residence in Delhi for the ED office, the BRS ranks raised slogans in support of her. This created a tense situation there. Kavita saluted the BRS ranks while going to the ED office.

But the BRS accuses the ED notices to Kavitha in the Delhi liquor scam as a political conspiracy. In this order, KCR made key comments on Friday. He said that there is a possibility that his daughter Kavitha will be arrested by the Enforcement Directorate. CM KCR commented in the BRS working group meeting that there is no fear of such arrests.

Last Updated Mar 11, 2023, 4:48 PM IST

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