Who is Maya Tata? Will she replace Ratan Tata? Who are the heirs of Tata?

Many people may be interested in who are the next successors of the Tata Group of Companies. But the future leaders of Tata companies are working in this company. Yes, it’s true.. Tata family members hold various responsibilities in the company. However, they did not appear in public then. Recently, three heirs of the Tata family were appointed by Ratan Tata to the Tata Medical Center Trust. In this context, the discussion of who are the heirs of the Tata group has come to the fore again. These three appointed by Ratan Tata are also siblings. Among them is 34-year-old Maya Tata, one of Ratan Tata’s younger heirs. Ratan Tata Maya, her sister Lia and brother Neville were appointed as new members of the board. He is also getting trained by Ratan Tata. It is also reported that he is preparing to lead a billion dollar business. Is Maya Ratan Tata’s successor..? The discussion started.

Who is this Maya Tata?
Maya is the last of Noel Tata’s three children. Sister Leah, brother Neville and Maya are also working in Tata Group in various capacities. Maya studied at Bayes Business School and University of Warwick, England. Her mother’s name is Alo Mistry. She is the sister of former Tata Group chief Cyrus Mistry and the daughter of billionaire Pallonji Mistry.

Maya started her career at Tata Opportunities Fund, a subsidiary of Tata Capital. She worked in this company till its closure. Maya Portfolio Management handles investor relations at this firm. After the closure of this company, Maya switched teams and joined Tata Digital. She started the ‘Tata Neo App’ while she was with the company.

Maya has a keen interest in new age analytics and technology. Not much information is available about Maya’s personal life as she is not seen in public much and is not active on social media. Maya is one of the six members of the Tata Medical Center Trust Governing Council. This trust runs a cancer hospital in Kolkata. Ratan Tata started this hospital in 2011.


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