Why is anchor Suma quiet… She gave a return gift to NTR!

Anchor Suma’s latest comment goes viral. In the past, hero NTR had shown intolerance towards her and there is a campaign that Suma countered.

hot discussion in tollywood anchor suma counter to hero ntr

First Published Mar 9, 2023, 1:12 PM IST

A pre-release event of Amigos starring hero Kalyan Ram was held on February 5. RRR star NTR came as a guest at the pre-release event of Amigos. Since the ceremony started, the fans have been in a frenzy. NTR-30 project needs to be updated on a large scale. Their mischief also angered NTR. Being fans, they could not say anything. Some of that anger had to be shown on anchor Suma.

Suma commented that NTR is going to speak at the end of the ceremony… He will also give an update on NTR-30. With this, Suma unintentionally implicated NTR. NTR became impatient with that. “You’re telling them even if they don’t ask,” Mike said angrily. He gave a serious look towards Suma. NTR’s speech was also heated. Making a good movie takes time. If there is an important update related to the film, we will tell you before the married wife. So don’t pressure the makers. This is my request to every star hero fan, not just my fans.

Meanwhile, Sumanu NTR’s angry look led to a discussion. There were reports that NTR was angry with Suma by making the video viral. Suma did not respond to this matter. No comments were made indirectly. But it is said that she gave a return gift to NTR quite late. Her latest comments are the reason for this.

Venkatesh-Rana together made a web series with the title Rana Naidu. Rana Naidu will be streaming on Netflix from March 10. Anchor Suma interviewed Venky and Rana as part of Rana Naidu’s promotions. Venkatesh played a role with negative shades in Rana Naidu series. Suma asked Venkatesh to look at him angrily referring to that role. As per Suma’s wish, Venkatesh looked at it seriously. For that, this is enough. Many thumb nails will sprout tomorrow. Recently everyone is looking at me seriously like this… said Suma.

Many are of the opinion that this comment was directed at Suma hero NTR. It is said that Suma, who was silent for months, came out after the incident and countered NTR without mentioning his name. Some are not. NTR Suma is a family friend. Rajiv is very close to Kanakala. So they say there is no chance of satire on NTR. Some people are mistaking her comments.

Last Updated Mar 9, 2023, 1:12 PM IST

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