Will act in Pakistani movies.. Ranbir’s controversial comments

Everyone knows the situation between India and Pakistan. And Indian movies.. they follow a huge craze in Pakistan.. actors from Pakistan come to India and make movies here. But our children will not act in Pakistani movies soon. If you act, you will get trolled badly. Ranbir Kapoor is currently experiencing that situation. The young hero also gave clarity on that.

It is known that even the green grass is burning between our country and Pakistan.. Because of that, if anyone speaks in support of Pakistan, criticism is inevitable. But Bollywood hero Ranbir Kapoor.. not to support but.. talked about the film industry there. He said that he will do Pakistani films.. and since then Ranbir Kapoor faced severe criticism. Bollywood star hero Ranbir Kapoor attended the Red Sea International Film Festival in December last year.

At that film festival, a Pakistani producer asked Ranbir if he would act in Pakistani films, and Ranbir said, “I will definitely act. I believe that artists and arts have no boundaries.” Ranbir’s comments caused a stir. Controversy broke out across the country. Some so-called netizens started trolling Ranbir on social media. They were fired saying how could you say that you will actually act in Pakistani films.

Ranbir Kapoor gave a fresh clarification to his earlier comments. Currently he is busy with his next movie. He is actively participating in the promotions of Tu Jhuthi Main Makkar movie. As part of the promotions of this movie, he is participating in a series of events along with interviews. In a recent press meet, while answering the questions asked by the media, Ranbir also gave clarity on these comments.

In the press meet, Ranbir was asked a series of questions about this controversy. When I went to that film festival, many Pakistani film industry people also came there. In such a case this question is asked. Then I said that I will pretend that there should be no dispute. Movies are important to me. I know many Pakistani film personalities. They are working in Indian movies. He said that I believe that cinema and art have no boundaries.

Not only that… the country is bigger than art. Ranbir gave full clarity that I will give first priority to the country at such a time. Everyone thinks that criticism will stop with clarity. Will the trolls stop on Ranbir? Let’s see if new ones will start. Ranbir has been embroiled in many such controversies in the past as well. People stopped Ranbir and Alia from entering a hole during the promotions time of Brahmastra after saying that they will eat beef. There are many controversies in Ranbir’s career.


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