Will you meet Pattabhi .. Or, TDP workers who climbed the building : High tension in Gannavaram

An atmosphere of high tension prevailed at the house of TDP leader Pattabhi. TDP workers are worried that even his wife is not allowed to go near Pattabhi. They are protesting by climbing the building. They are warning that they will jump from the building if they do not let them go to Pattabhi. Earlier Pattabhi’s wife Chandana spoke to the media and accused her husband of beating her. Chandana said that he was beaten up at Thotlavallur police station. She alleged that three masked men beat her. Her husband’s life was in danger.

Meanwhile, in Gannavaram, there was a fight between the members of MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi and TDP workers. Pattabhi tried to go to the DGP’s office and was detained. Along with Pattabhi, 15 other TDP workers were arrested. Doctors were called to Gannavaram police station and tests were conducted. Later, the police produced them in the court.

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Earlier, after the attack on the Gannavaram TDP office, his wife Chandana was worried that her husband Kommareddy Pattabhiram was not seen. It is not known where the police took her husband who was arrested yesterday (Monday) evening… CM Jagan and DGP will be held responsible if any harm is done to him. Chandana was stopped by the police as she was ready to stage a dharna in front of the DGP’s house to find out the whereabouts of her husband. YCP Rebel MP Raghurama Krishnamraju gave courage to Chandana, who was worried about her husband’s desire. Raghurama assures Chandana that he will discuss the situation with the new Governor of AP, Nazir.


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