Writer Vijayendra Prasad gave a crazy update on “RRR 2”.

“RRRR” created a sensation. She also received an Oscar for the song “Natu Natu”. In this background, Vijayendra Prasad has now responded on the sequel of ‘RRR’. Crazy update given.

rrr writer vijayendra prasad gave crazy update on rrr sequel

First Published Mar 13, 2023, 7:36 PM IST

Writer Vijayendra Prasad expressed his happiness on getting Oscar for RRR. He said that he is proud like Indians are proud. He said that he is proud as a father to be the father of Rajamouli, who won an Oscar with “RRRR”, and that he is his son, and it is the happiest occasion. He said he was excited like everyone else when the Oscars were announced.

It is known that the song “Natu Natu” from “RRRR” won an Oscar in the original song category. This created the history of Indian cinema. “Natu Natu” made Telugu cinema known to the world. Vijayendra Prasad laid the foundation of this movie. It is known that the story born in his mind is “RRR”. He said that he felt very happy when the Oscar came. Recently, “Asianet Telugu” was particularly fond of him. Many interesting things were shared on this occasion. He said that Oscar has increased the responsibility on him. He said that he encouraged me to write more good stories in the future. He said that if the writer is respected, there will be similar results.

In this, Vijayendra Prasad responded on the sequel of ‘RRRR’. A crazy update has been given to “RRR” fans. He said that “RRR2” is going to be more than this. The story will be a continuation of the same story, it has been revealed that NTR and Ram Charan will act. He said that they are going to make a film in this combination and the details will be revealed later. He said that he cannot respond to this now.

On this occasion, Mahesh Babu was told about Rajamouli’s upcoming film. He said that this film will be international on a huge scale with a huge budget. But internationally, it is not the same, there will be great emotions and great stories. He said that there is no international aspect in “RRR”, the story should be good, if the story is good, people will watch it. Mahesh Babu’s film work is currently going on.

Last Updated Mar 13, 2023, 7:36 PM IST

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