Yash harassed her on the sets? This is the KGF heroine who gave up on South stars including Pawan Kalyan


First Published Mar 17, 2023, 1:47 PM IST

Young beauty Srinidhi Shetty played the heroine in both parts of KGF. With this she got Pan India recognition. Srinidhi Shetty’s beauty has not dried up in KGF. It looked homely. She shined in modern dresses only in some scenes.

The audience was impressed by the chemistry between hero Yash and Srinidhi. Srinidhi scored good marks in emoting and acting emotionally. But Srinidhi is failing to cash in on KGF’s success. After KGF she only acted in Cobra.

Meanwhile, Srinidhi is once again in the news. Social media is very useful these days for fake campaigns. We have been seeing a person named Umair Sandhu rushing on social media claiming to be a critic and a member of the Censor Board. He gets attention by making unexpected comments regarding movies.

He creates a small stir on social media by creating fake news about the personal lives of stars as well. Lately this thread has become too much. His comments about big stars like Pawan Kalyan, Dalapathy Vijay, Yash and Salman Khan created a sensation.

Netizens are saying that Umair Sandhu’s comments are unbelievable and there is no truth in those tweets. A few days ago, Umair tweeted that Pawan Kalyan is a womanizer and he commented that he has affairs with many star heroines. After that, Ilayadalapathy targeted Vijay and made a sensational statement saying that Vijay and Keerthy Suresh are having an affair. Vijay also claims that he bought her cars and bungalows.

Recently, KGF hero made sensational comments on Yash. Yash molested the heroine Srinidhi several times during the shooting of KGF. He keeps bothering her. His announcement that he has decided not to act with Yash anymore with Srinidhi went viral.

Srinidhi stepped into the field as her fake campaign increased. The so-called critic is strongly attracted. Social media is available to everyone. But what matters is who uses it and how. Nowadays many people are using social media to spread wrong information.

Use social media to spread love and happiness. Once again I am lucky to act with the rocking star Yash. Proud to be a part of the KGF world. Rocking star Yash was praised as a true gentleman, my mentor and friend.

Last Updated Mar 17, 2023, 1:47 PM IST


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