Yash who kissed Veda.. Chitra and Vasanth ready for marriage?

Ennenno Janmala Bandham: Ennenno Janmala Bandham serial airing on television is very impressive to the audience. Let’s know the highlights of what happened in today’s 3rd March episode of this ongoing serial with twists and turns.

Vasanth and Chitra make a decision about their wedding in today's enneno janmala bandham serial gnr

First Published Mar 3, 2023, 11:09 AM IST

In today’s episode, Chitra’s brother-in-law didn’t want to kiss the nurse, he said that he was going to give it to the nurse, so you sit silently, Chitra says Veda, and Suha says, “Oh, you got a kiss.” Then while Veda is thinking, Suha immediately says why don’t you feel sad, Veda will come back looking for the kiss you missed. Then Chitra asks Vasanth, “Have you ever kissed me?” She says, “What are you?” Everyone is laughing. On the other hand, Yash is walking here and there, tensed, thinking about what happened.

Even if you think it’s Veda and kiss the nurse, Veda is not a stranger, but she is my wife. And why am I so tensed to kiss Veda, he thinks that I have to kiss Veda anyway. Meanwhile Khushi comes there and says if there is any tension tell me I will solve it in a pinch then Yash goes to Khushi thinking that it would be better to stop Khushi who follows Khushi’s advice in this matter. Now I don’t know how to talk to Khushi so someone gave me a task.

He says I have to kiss everyone in the house and kisses Khushi saying I will kiss you first. Then Khushi and Yash will be happy. I gave the first kiss to Niki and the second kiss to me as I know who is the most important person after you in the house but now call me and I will make you win this challenge, Khushi goes to Veda from there. Then Yash is happy that Khushi will come calling Veda, meanwhile Khushi comes there calling Yash’s elder sister and Yash is shocked to see it. Then Yash kisses their elder sister saying that they used to give me chocolates when I was a child.

Yash keeps telling lies that why are you making a difference to me, saying that my health is good, I am fine, sister. After that now Khushi is not at home and she says who is my favorite person to you and she says mummy, he happily says go and call your mummy. After that Khushi goes and mom and dad are calling Ramma that is then Suha and Chitra are both playing a game of waiting for a kiss. On the other hand, while Yash is waiting, Khushi says to bring daddy and mommy, then both Yashodar and Veda are looking at each other.

Then when he comes to Veda, he is tensed not knowing what to say. Yash shuts Khushi’s mouth when she asks why did you call Khushi, Dadi will kiss you now. Then Veda is shy looking at Yash, then Khushi explains Yash’s whole plan to Veda and Veda gets surprised. Now all this is due to the fact that Yash is shy and tensed to kiss Veda. Then Khushi and Vedani push them to one place. Then both Yashodar Veda are looking into each other’s eyes.

Then Yashodar comes close to Veda and kisses her, leaving Veda surprised. Then both look into each other’s eyes. Now Veda is ashamed. Yash is also happy to see that. Later the whole family will meet together. Now everyone is happy about Chitrala’s marriage as they ask why they have arranged such a meeting. When Chitra and Vasant were asked how to get married, should we make it grand, everyone was shocked when they said that they would do a register marriage.

Sulochana then asks what is the need for you to register marriage when there are so many people. Ratnam says you are an orphan with no one and Chitra says yes uncle I am an orphan with no one. Then Chitra says Sulochana Chitra means don’t stop me, old lady, let me tell you the truth. He brought an orphan whose parents are unknown and brought me up as his younger daughter and brought me up equally with two daughters. While talking about them as my elder mother and my elder father, then Sulochana says that I have three daughters instead of two.

Vasant says that no one is as lucky as me, so she said the same thing to me as she wants me to donate my wedding expenses to some orphanage. Everyone respects their ideas and claps and gets happy. Vasanth says Vinnie said what she wanted to say, is there anything you want to say. Now Vasantham tries to speak and Yash looks angry and says will you be silent or not. Everyone is happy that Chitra Vasanth is getting married. The next morning everyone goes together happily to Chitra Vasantala’s wedding. Then everyone puts on music and dances together.

Last Updated Mar 3, 2023, 11:09 AM IST

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