Yashaswi doesn’t need that…Singer Srikrishna in support of cheating controversy!

A woman named Farah Kausar runs an NGO called Navaseva. She accused singer Yashasvi. Yashasvi made false propaganda as a platform for a show. Some of Navseva NGO lied that I was teaching children. She accused the media that he tried to get name and fame by saying that he was doing a service that he did not do. This news has gone viral in a big way.

Yashasvi gave an explanation in this order. I have never said anywhere that I am educating children on behalf of Navseva NGO. A board called Navaseva was seen in a promo of Sarigamapa’s singing show. You got fame by using the name of our company. Navseva claimed to have helped the NGO. So they said to adopt for a year. I will help as little as I can. Adoption is not because of me, I said. Then she held a press meet and made allegations. Yashasvi explained that I have given videos related to my service activities for the episode of Naa Buddi Panthai.

In this controversy, the singer supported Srikrishna Yashasvi. Yashaswi is already a known singer. He is famous among people. There is no need to do such publicity stunts. As someone who knows him… Yashasvi helped many charitable organizations. He posted a long message on social media saying that I support Yashaswi in this controversy.


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