You can buy a house and even a car with this price of nail polish..! Do you know what is its specialty?

Nail polish is one of the decorative items that enhance the beauty of girls. It enhances the beauty of women’s nails. From small celebrations to weddings, nail polish is now being used. Every home’s wardrobe is filled with nail polish brands of different colors. It’s hard to believe that a girl’s handbag doesn’t have nail polish.

Recently the nail polish craze has doubled. Today’s youth are using nail polish a lot. There are also many nail art experts who apply nail polish on their hands and create innovative designs on it. Recently, young women are wearing nail polish to match their clothes. These nail art are done by experts in different color shades, stone work nail art, glitter nail art, metallic color nail polish, flower image floral nail art etc.

Different types of nail polishes are also available in the market as per the demand of the people. The price of nail polish is also determined by the quality, size. The price of nail polish starts from 20 to 30 rupees and goes up to lakhs and crores.

This is the most expensive nail polish in the world! : It has to be believed that a small bottle of nail polish can add up to coats. Till now you have heard about expensive cars, bikes and other things. But today we are going to know some information about the most expensive nail polishes in the world. With the price of this nail polish we can buy a house and even a car.

The name of this expensive nail polish is Azacher. This expensive nail polish was created by Los Angeles designer Eztur Pogosian. You cannot imagine the cost of this. Because the price of Azacher nail polish is around 250000 dollars. That is about 1 crore 90 lakh rupees. This nail polish made of expensive materials is popularly known as ‘Black Diamond King’.

Generally all nail polishes are made using some chemicals. But platinum powder and diamond are used to make this expensive nail polish. So 267 carat diamond is used in making this nail polish.

Diamonds, which have been used for a long time in jewelry like neck chains, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc., are now seen on nails. This nail polish is eye catching.


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