You left me, life became worse… Deepti Sunaina posted a video crying!

Deepti Sunayana posted a video in tears. You banished me. They said that my life has become miserable in that video.

Bigg Boss fame Deepthi Sunaina shares an emotional video

First Published Mar 17, 2023, 7:13 PM IST

A video posted by Bigg Boss beauty Deepti Sunaina has gone viral. She became emotional in tears. Deepti’s video gained prominence in the wake of Deepti’s breakup with her boyfriend Shanmukh. You banished me. It was revealed in that video that my life has become miserable. Deepti’s emotional video goes viral.

It’s been a long time since Deepti Sunaina-Shanmukh Jaswant broke up. In 2021, Deepti revealed her breakup matter on social media platform. Although the reasons are not explained… Shanmukh shared with the fans that he was told about the breakup. Meanwhile, it was heard strongly that Siri broke up with Hanmant. Shanmukh and Siri, who participated in Bigg Boss season 5, became close. In other words, they pretended to be friends and romanced more than lovers.

Reports surfaced that Deepti, who was observing all this from the outside, was hurt and that Deepti was hurt because the person she loved dearly was close to someone else. Deepti’s breakup announcement after the end of the Bigg Boss show strengthened the suspicions. Since then, Deepti-Shanmukh have been living separately. Focusing on career and moving forward. Good opportunities are coming to Shanmukh. Making digital series and music albums.

While Shanmukh shocks his ex-lover Deepti and looks for a new partner. Fani Poojita is playing Shanmukh’s lover in his latest project ‘Aiyayyo’. Recently Aiyayo released first glimpses. Shanmukh is choosing other girls for his projects because of his breakup with Deepti. Deepti, who was supposed to romance as Shanmukh’s lover, moved away with feelings. It remains to be seen how successful Ayayyo will be.

Shanmukh-deepthi used to do any project in the past. After breaking up with Deepti, Shanmukh is choosing other girls. There is an argument that both have lost because of the breakup. Deepti participated in Bigg Boss season 3. And Shanmukh is the contestant of season 5. Shanmukh went to the final and became the runner up. Shanmukh, who competed with Sunny, settled for the runner’s position.

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