YSP leader husband’s crushed wife.. The reason is…

Bellamkonda: An incident in Bellamkonda village of Andhra Pradesh created a commotion. The incident of the wife’s body cleansing for the husband who had an extra-marital relationship came to light on Friday evening. Regarding this incident, the villagers have given details like this.. YCP village president Gurrala Sheikh Karimulla alias Bada Bachcha of Bellamkonda is married. But he had an extramarital affair with another woman.

In this background, he is constantly torturing his wife mentally. Because of this, she has been away from her husband for some time now. She brought another relative to her husband’s house on Friday, demanding justice. While talking to her husband there, an argument took place between the two. The YCP leader, who was infuriated beyond measure, abused her. His wife, who was very angry because he was torturing her by having an extra-marital affair and demanding justice, made him clean.

Atrocity in Dhagepalli: Man killed, cut into pieces…burned..

After learning about this matter, SSI Amir sent the staff to the spot. The leader who was injured in the 108 vehicle was sent to Sattenapally Hospital. But the police say that they have not received any complaint about this incident.

Meanwhile, on February 17, a similar incident took place in Karnataka. A wife killed her husband along with her boyfriend for obstructing her extramarital affair. This terrible incident came to light in Mysore, Karnataka state. The murdered person is Manju (27), a resident of Hotagalli. Manjuku married Likhita, a woman from Bogadi, Mysore, less than 12 years ago. They have two sons. However, Lakhita had an extra-marital affair. She ran away from home once with her boyfriend. When this matter went to the elders’ panchayat.. those who brought her made a compromise between the two.. handed her over to her husband.

After that, husband Manju often questioned his wife’s behavior. Due to this, fights were going on between the two. Even after reconciling and settling in with her husband, Likhita continued to have a relationship with her boyfriend. In addition to this, she did not like her husband’s repeated questioning. So she conspired with her boyfriend to remove her husband’s barrier. As part of this, her boyfriend came to Lakhita’s house on Tuesday night. Both of them strangled Manju who was fast asleep by then.

After that.. Likhita opened for a new play. She mourned that her husband died suddenly due to illness. With this, the police entered the scene. Suspicions were raised on Lakhita as there were quarrels in the family earlier. Vizianagaram police registered a case to this extent and took Likhita into custody. The police said that she is being interrogated in this case.


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